Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Glaciers Part two and some Fireworks

Can you see the glacier in this photo? This is the view of the head of the Eagle River Valley. It is dominated by Polar Bear Peak. The photos of spawning Sockeye Salmon from the earlier post were taken in this slough of Eagle River.
This is the glacier I was referring to. It is called a Hanging Glacier because it hangs onto the side of a mountain. It does not melt in the Summer. The face of the glacier is at least a hundred of feet tall.
My friends Jean and Scott built a remote cabin near Excelsior Glacier. It is only accessible by float plane. Sometimes they cannot land in the lake because there is not enough open water. On this particular trip we landed without problem, but when we wanted to leave, icebergs had blocked our way out. We had to stand on the floats and push the ice chunks out of the way with poles before we could take off.
The face of Excelsior Glacier.
The day was warm and sunny, but it was quite cold up this close to the glacier.
Harbor Seals on a freshwater lake? The lake is connected to the ocean by a short stream. The seals rest on the iceburgs where they are safe from Killer Whales.
Harbor Seals are killed by subsistance hunters and are usually very shy. These seals are more approachable because few hunters come this far into the wilderness.
The fairy castle of the Ice Princess.
Inside the enchanted palace.
This gull has chosen a very precarious perch.
Feathered Fireworks, 16x12". This painting has kept me busy for the past few weeks. When I was making preliminary sketches, I drew out the primary macaw, meant to be the focal point, and I sketched the other macaws around it, like a flower arrangement.
It looked so conventional when it was done so I erased the main macaw to see what the composition would then look like. I think it is better. There are 6 macaws in this painting. can you see them all?