Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some Glacial Perspectives, part one

When I first flew into my new home of Alaska, the pilot announced our descent to Anchorage while we were over the surrounding Chugach Mountains. I looked out the window and saw a scene like this one. I was more than a little intimidated by it all. This is the permanent icefield that covers much of the mountain range.
This is a large painting that was inspired by that photograph. It is 24x36".
One of the most accessible glaciers in the area is Exit Glacier near Seward, Alaska. Like most glaciers, it is rapidly melting.
A view of the river valley below Exit Glacier.
My nephew Danny, and my good friends Jody and Richard Inman add perspective to this view of the small Exit Glacier.
Jody and Richard walk closer to the base of the glacier. The park staff have since cutoff such close access to the glacier. Getting close to a glacier is like walking into a deep freeze, even from a mile away if the glacier is large.

The surface ice of a glacier is often dirty brown, but the interiors are the distinctive glacier blue.
Close up to the glacier.
Even the glacier meltwater can retain the blue color.
This painting is called Exit Glacier Melt, 36x24". Notice the gull and it's shadow, in the painting.
Another of the many glaciers on the Kenai Penninsula is the larger, Holgate Glacier, which is called a tidewater glacier because it reaches the sea.
Holgate Glacier is fed by the same icefield that sustains Exit Glacier, and many others.

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