Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Progress Report

Time for painting is always at a premium these days with a busy schedule and short, dim days where there is little decent light. The photo above is a small part of the painting that I am currently working on. I am lucky to find more than a few hours a week for painting. That is fine with me. It satisfies my creative drive without getting me burned out.
The painting is based on my visit to the Pribilof Islands this past Summer. The photo above is a small research station at the far end of St. Paul Island.
This photo is the village of St. Paul on the opposite side of the island from the research station. The weather is always bleak. I would have a hard time living on the island. It's bad enough here in Anchorage. We are experiencing a nasty blizzard here today.
Most of the shorebirds on the Pribilofs are Rock Sandpipers.
I like this photograph of Northern Fur Seals. Especially the one in front that is scratching its neck with a hind flipper.
Now back to the painting. This is to be a Tufted Puffin.
This photograph is the main inspiration for the new painting.
This is the painting as it looks so far. It is 12x24".  It is still in a very rough stage, but I have some ideas for it. Who knows how it will turn out.

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