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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Back to Ship Creek

It has been a few weeks since I went to Ship Creek so I made a quick trip back there with the desire to photograph Dippers. There is a fish hatchery next to a man made salmon ladder where people go to watch migrating salmon. I'll try to remember to go there when the salmon start showing up in a few weeks.
Dippers nest next to the salmon ladder pretty much every year and I got this photo of a fledgling patiently waiting for its parents to come and stuff food in its face. The parents darted in and out too fast for me to get a photo in the short time that I was there.
Nearby the Harlequin Ducks were still around.
It would have been nice to get closer and thus, sharper photos.
I appreciate the photos I did manage to get.
I like this shot of a Green-winged Teal showing its head under the water.
Another view.
Later I went to Westchester to see a Snow Goose. It is unusual to see a Snow Goose in Anchorage.
On a different day I photographed this Barrow's Goldeneye at Spenard Crossing.
I got close to this pair of shovelers. Too bad the light was so dim.
Since painting the 11x14" swan photo I have been busy painting Dall Sheep. The new 24x18" painting is coming out well and I should have a photo of it in the next post..


Jeremy Pearse said...

I really enjoyed the photos of the dippers, especially the young bird - stunning! Some of my favorite ducks there too.

john said...

Thanks for your comment Jeremy.