Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Random Winter Phoros

Okay, most of the time winter totally sucks. It is however, very picturesque. This photo was shot in the field next to my place. I have posted many photos of this Orthodox church across the field.
A view of the church from a different direction.
I have posted some of these photos before. This is alpenglow on the mountainside in Wasilla.
One of the many glaciers in Prince William Sound. This photo was taken by Dan.
Scott Christy shot this photo near Prince William Sound.
Another view.
Harbor Seals near the same area.
Next month is our annual Audubon field trip to Seward. The rest of these photos are from past trips to Seward. That is me holding the umbrella. It rained all day last year.
The Kenai race of the Song Sparrow.
A few years ago there were two Eurasian strays present at the same time. The bird on the left is the Siberian Accentor. The bird at the back is a resident Varied Thrush. That makes the front bird the stray Brambling.
A Yellow-billed Loon. We don't see them in Anchorage.
A Horned Grebe in winter garb.

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John Holmes said...

Looking forward to hearing about this year's Seward Trip - surely it can't rain this year as well ?