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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Duck Stamp Time.

It's getting close to the deadline to enter the Federal Duck Stamp Contest. That is the contest to choose the design that will be on next year's Duck Stamp, which hunters must purchase before hunting ducks in the fall. It's known as the richest art contest in the world because there is a demand for prints, and other products using the design. Once upon a time, winning the contest netted the artist over a million dollars. Apparently times have changed but the contest can really bolster an artist's place in the hierarchy of Wildlife Artists. I forgot how many times I have entered the contest, and never got higher than 6th place. It's been a number of years since I've entered. Not that I have'nt done designs, I just did'nt enter them because I realistically knew they had no chance of winning. Many of my entries were better than the winning entries in my opinion, but the judges have different parameters for judging than I do.
I used this duck because I liked it's pose, even though it's either a hen, or imm. male Widgeon, going through it's annual moult. I took this photo, (originally a slide, made into a print, then photographed with a digital camera.) at Potter Marsh, at the same place I photographed the Pintail in the Paint by Numbers Post.

Another photo of a photo of a photo. A drake American Widgeon at Spenard Crossing in Anchorage.

The finished design. A drake American Widgeon.

So I'm not sure if I'll send this design in. The competition is daunting, and it costs $125.oo to enter. I have til Saturday, August 15th to decide whether my painting really has a shot of winning. There are no runners up in this contest. I almost forgot to mention that you can see more of my art, as well as the work of other accomplished artists at a great online art gallery, www.traditionsfineart.com.

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