Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Friday, November 18, 2011

An Arctic Bird

A bad photo of my latest painting. I photographed it outside in natural light. It was +3f , -17C degrees when I photographed it, the day's high temperature. The problem is that at this time of year, the sun remains low on the horizon, and often the light is too dim.
So I moved the painting indoors and photographed it in the bathroom. This photo looks more like the actual painting although the bird's body is a little darker than the photo indicates. It's a white morph Gyrfalcon. This painting took longer than I anticipated because I made endless minor revisions to it.
Arctic Falcon, 16x20".

Someone reported seeing a Redwing, that's a European bird and not a North American Red-winged Blackbird. It was on the beach in Seward, about 100 miles from here. It has been hanging around for three days now.
Tomorrow I'm leaving early to try to spot it. Seward is also a good place for seabirds and awesome scenery. I'm all excited about the trip and hope to have good photos for a new post soon. It will be very cold there, nearly intolerable if there are strong winds.

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Jeremy Pearse said...

Love the painting John - and it's of one of my favorite birds! Is this oil or acrylic?