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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Big Lizards in Lumpini Park and Beyond

Lumpini Park is Bangkok's largest and best park. It is over-run with people who go there to picnic, jog, or do Tai Chi etc. I spent a lot of time there on my Thailand trips. I told Dan to be sure and go there at some point on his trip.
To me it is all about the turtles and Water Monitors that hang out there. Water Monitors are found in canals, rivers, and ponds all over Bangkok. They are completely used to being close to people. Kind of like the urban Moose here in Anchorage. This is a juvenile monitor and some pigeons. The lizard is probably too small to eat one but the birds do not want to take any chances.
They can grow to be about 8', (2.5 meters) long. They are known for their calm temperament compared to some other monitor species.
I do not need to mention that it is something that you would not want to let bite you. Their saliva is seriously nasty, (borderline venomous). People should not attempt to hand feed them or corner them in a tight space. They will kick your @$$. Kind of like a Moose around here.
A Little Egret, nearly identical to the American, Snowy Egret.
These are a native Southeast Asian species of terrapin. I am not sure which specific species. Females are larger than males.
From Bangkok Dan and the gang headed north to two of Thailand's ancient capitals, Ayutthaya and Sukkothai. Since they look alike to me, I am not sure which photo was taken where.
They are admired by tourists and presumably sacred to monks.
These ancient capitals were invaded and sacked by Burmese armies. The Burmese soldiers decapitated many statues of the Buddha. There are still hard feelings between the two nations today.
A Strangler Fig in Ayutthaya picked up one of the stone heads and cradled it among its myriad tendrils. Needless to say, this tree is revered by many Thai people.
Another tree was chosen to display many miniature Buddhas and respected monks.
Not all the Buddhas lost their heads.
There is more to come from Dan's trip to Thailand.

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