Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Hot off the Easel

The painting that I completed last week, (Parakeet Auklets) inspired me to do another painting from the Pribilofs. One that I might actually sell someday. A Tufted Puffin painting. This was one of my main reference photos.
This was another.
I wanted to do a bold composition so I tried an unconventional approach, (for me at least). Does this look like a complete painting? It took very little time to paint.
A look at the bird's feet.
The puffin's head. I just could not leave the painting as it was. I felt that I needed to add something. My first idea was to add some kind of rock formation in the background, on one side or the other.
In the end I chose to add puffins in flight. Is this any better than the first version? What do you think? It is another 11x14" painting. The varnish is still wet on this one. I have no title for it yet.
If all goes according to plan, my next post will be a good one. I am about to leave on my big summer adventure. I am still trying to decide which camera to bring.

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