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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, December 12, 2015

More From Nipomo

Don sent me some more photos from Nipomo, CA. This Long-tailed Weasel has a distinctive white spot in the middle of its forehead. I remember being with Maggie when we saw an identical looking weasel near the town of Greer in Arizona. I was not fast enough on the trigger to get a photo. It was gone in an instant.
BTW I am putting the finishing touches on a Short-tailed Weasel painting right now.
This one managed to snag one of the local birds. I think it may be a young robin. Weasels are cute but deadly predators.
An immature White-crowned Sparrow in great light that shows off its warm colors.
The less colorful adult White-crowned Sparrow.
A plethora of Anna's Hummingbirds.
That many hummingbirds can suck up a lot of sugar water.
Scrub Jays always make an impression with their loud voice, if not with their bright colors.
A nice close-up of a Northern Mockingbird. They can sing the day and night away borrowing the songs of many kinds of other birds.
I love this photo of a White-tailed Kite soaring past the moon.


Maggie said...

I well remember that weasel. We were collecting data for the Breeding Bird Atlas for AZG&F. Every weekend we headed out toward Greer before dawn. Several times we were greeted by a very fearless baby bunny. One morning we saw the weasel, but not the bunny ever again, and we put two and two together (or, maybe it was one plus one, which equaled just one, in the end).

john said...

Those weekends visiting Benny Creek and the other locations every weekend bring back fond memories for me. I hated getting up so early and the long drives but once we were out there and seeing all the wildlife it was a magnificent experience.
I really took the fine weather and sunshine for granted then. I also fondly remember stopping for lunch every week at those two little restaurants in Greer, the one with the great bread and the outdoor restaurant with all the hummingbird feeders. Great times, great company. Ah, the good old days.