Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Day of the Ram, etc.

Did I already post this photo? Forgive me if my mind is not so sharp as it once was. This is a pair of Pintails that Bart photographed at Potter Marsh.
Bart and I both photographed these Gadwalls at Potter. This is Bart's photo..
A Greater Scaup.
A pair of G. S.
Twin Peaks in the Chugach Mountains.
Falls above Windy Corner in the Chugach Mtns.
Bart climbed well above the Seward Highway overlooking Windy Corner. This is too much physical exertion for my poor old body to endure.
He climbed up the steep slopes to visit the Dall Sheep that frequent those heights.
This ram showed more curiosity than fear. Dall Sheep do not get hunted in this area so close to the highway.
Bart even managed to get above the sheep.
I guess this ram did'nt like that so it climbed higher.
I envy Bart for getting so close to wild Dall Sheep.


Unknown said...

Beautiful spring seasons John,in mi last try for become a member of wildlife art group failed again in Society of Animal Artists.

John Holmes said...

Some familiar duck - but we can't match your scenery.