Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Dutch Harbor and Unalaska

A few weeks ago Bart and Sandy took the Alaska Ferry from Homer to Dutch Harbor at the base of the Aleutian Island chain. It is a long journey into the treeless wilds of western Alaska. These great photos were all taken by Bart.
There is very little human presense here.
Unalaska is one of the small settlements in this part of the state. It is a small Aleut native village and a center of commercial fishing.
Crab fishing drives much of the local economy.
During World War ll the U.S. military built defenses in the area. These are quonset huts.
Fortified Bunkers to repel the invading Japanese..
Bald Eagles are numerous in the area. This is a sub-adult.
An Arctic Ground Squirrel keeps a wary lookout for hungry eagles.
Red Foxes are an even bigger threat to the squirrels. There are no bears in this part of the world.
The local Orthodox Church and graveyard.
This was a mystery bird that Bart could not identify. Do you have any ideas about what it might be?
 I strained my brain and decided that it is a juvenile bird based on the yellow lips. It has to be the dark Aleutian race of a Pacific Wren.
A Bald Eagle poses amid Fireweed blooms.
Another Bald Eagle kicks up dirt as it takes wing. There is more to come from Unalaska and Dutch Harbor.


John Holmes said...

Looks like really wild countryside !

john said...

Cold, windswept, and rainy.