Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Aleutians continued

Getting back to Bart and Sandy's trip to the Aleutian Islands is an overlook of what I believe is Dutch Harbor. Since I have not personally been there I cannot be sure.
Like I mentioned in the last post, Bald eagles are abundant in the area. These are fledgelings still in the nest.
The vigilant adult is nearby.

A Lapland Longspur, (bunting) forages on the beach.
A Gray-crowned Rosy Finch forages nearby.
Offshore a group of Steller's Sea Lions gathers nearby.
A Humpback Whale dives.
A Pigeon Guillemot catches its dinner.
It comes ashore to enjoy its bounty.
The Harbor Seal missed its chance to steal the fish.
Continuing down the road to see what else there is to find.
This must be a Red Fox but it looks a lot like a Coyote from this angle.
Stay tuned for more...


Unknown said...

Beautiful pics

John Holmes said...

Unusual aerial view of the Sea Lions - a heli trip ?

john said...

The Sea Lion photo was either taken from a cliff, or from the large ferry that Bart was on. I saw him last night but forgot to ask about it.