Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, December 10, 2012

Let's Get Vertical

Horizontal photos fit the format of a blog much better; but this post is all about vertically oriented photos. See the footprints of some unknown animal leading to the water? This is the Eagle River Valley, on the edge of Chugach State Park. A favorite place of mine. I lived twelve miles downriver from here for thirteen years.
Notice that this is the same peak as the former photo? It was also featured upside down in the last post; Polar Bear Peak, ( in the summer) with it's hanging glacier.
.And a sinewy waterfall on a mountain slope in the Eagle River Valley..
Another dramatic Autumn vista in the Eagle River Valley.
Now for some of the wildlife of the Eagle River Valley, like this Rock Ptarmigan, high on a slope above the valley floor.
This is not another ptarmigan, but a close relative from down in the bottom of the valley. It's a Spruce Hen. These two species of game bird can be quite tasty. They can also be very tough and gamey, depending on what they have been eating.
When this fledgeling Great-horned Owl reaches adulthood, it will no doubt happily feast upon either of the former birds. It was right near the Eagle River Nature Center.
A Hermit Thrush carries a beak full of worms to it's young in the nest not far from where I saw the G.H.O.

Also nearby, a Common Redpoll.
Every August, Sockeye Salmon show up in the Eagle River Valley to spawn. It is always fascinating to watch, but you also have to watch out for bears who show up for dinner.

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