Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back to the Tropics With Dan

The most active volcano in Costa Rica, called Arenal, is usually enshrouded in clouds. This is my favorite part of the country. I have been there three times and have never seen the top. The bird life around there is incredible and it never gets too hot because it is away from the sweltering coast, It rains almost constantly. The land to the north of the volcano is virtually always windy, while the land to the south gets spared. That is where the lovely town of Fortuna is located. Unfortunately it has been discovered by the tourists and has lost some of its charm.
This photo and those that follow are the final, and possibly some of the best photos from Dan Holayter's trip.
Yellow-throated  Euphonia.
A Crimson-fronted Parakeet and a pair of Silver-throated Tanagers enjoy some seeds. Costa Rica is known for its many species of colorful tanagers and parrots. Many are abundant even inside the towns.
Hummingbirds are also quite varied and abundant in Costa Rica. The Violet Sabrewing is one of the largest and prettiest. They are most easily seen at the feeders next to the Hummingbird Gallery near the entrance to Monteverde NP.
The most common species at the Hummingbird Gallery is the Green-crowned Brilliant.
Another view of a Green-crowned Brilliant.
The most common and widespread of the amazon-type parrots, Red-lored Parrot.
An inhabitant of the cloud forest, Emerald Toucanet. This is a female. The male has a longer beak.
A nice close-up of a Black-crowned Night Heron.
A Morpho Butterfly. I think that this is a female. The male lacks the heavy black border along the edges of its wings.
The large and nocturnal, Owl Butterfly. Just check out that complex pattern. Even the crazy eye striping. I may try to paint one someday.
A tiny,(20mm, or seven eights of an inch) Strawberry Dart Frog in a bromeliad.
The Green and Black, or Army Dart Frog is one of the largest of the poison dart frogs although it is only about an inch and a half, (40mm) long.
As far as I can determine, this is a Smilisca Phaeota. A type of tree frog. I do not know if it even has a common English name. Notice the cricket below it. Dinner perhaps?
This post wraps up the wonderful photos that Dan shot in Costa Rica. He did not really want to go, but his wife and children prevailed. He really did enjoy the trip.

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