Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting All Wet

Today I was out and about in the dim light of Winter, enjoying a balmy temperature of 26 degrees above zero F. There were a few ravens about but not much else. The other day I was watching a pick-up truck driving across a local lake. So today I am being haunted by the ghosts of Summers past with open water and abundant life.
The photos of this post are a random selection of wet birds from recent Summers. The photo above is a post breeding Spotted Sandpiper wading across Fish Creek.
A Short-billed Dowitcher dips its toes in the water and admires its reflection. Or maybe that's just me admiring its reflection.
A pair of Hudsonian Godwits on the coast. The male cannot resist the allure of the cool water and takes a bath in salt water.
A Greater Yellowlegs ruffles its feathers in anticipation of a fresh water bath near Westchester Lagoon.
"What, no bubble bath?"
"Maybe I can churn up my own suds".
"Oh, this feels so good".
"Hey watch the splashing. I did'nt even want a shower".
This Herring Gull says,"let me show you wimpy shorebirds how to take a proper bath".
"Talk about wimps. If you want my respect, let me see you swim a hundred feet underwater like I just did." An easy feat for a Common Goldeneye.
The Common Merganser brags," I bet I can double that distance".

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Unknown said...

Its funny your photographs of this bathing birds,to contemplate this animals with his playful activities in the fresh wather,its really enjoyable,pleasant,and guive company to the ovserver.I remember in many occasions much bathing birds when i take photographs in a ponds and ribers where muchs animals come for a drink and bathing.