Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, February 15, 2014

More of the Same

This is a better photograph of my latest painting, 'In Quiet Solitude' (Wilson's Snipe), 11x14". This professional photograph really shows what the painting actually looks like. Why can't any of my cameras take photos like this? I suspect that the camera's operator, rather than the equipment is what makes all the difference.
Right now I am thinking of entering this painting into the Migratory Bird Art Show that is associated with the annual, Hummingbird Festival in Ketchikan, Alaska. I would like to establish a toehold in Southeast Alaska. I remember entering a painting in the Bald Eagle Festival Art Contest in Haines, Alaska some years ago. The painting never even earned an honorable mention in that contest, (very discouraging). Later that same painting got picked up for licensing by several companies and printed, then distributed throughout North America. Not good enough for piss-ant little Haines but I made a lot of money from it. Hey, I'm not bitter or anything...
The rest of these photos are from Dan's mystery vacation. They will really help to narrow down the region where Dan and his family went last Summer.
The photo above is a Eurasian Collared Dove. They have recently invaded North America and quickly spread all over the continent. Originally they had a fairly restricted range in Southern Europe but they have also spread all over Europe. Urbanization has really benefited them.
A naked man fountain and a Grey Heron.
Some ancient columns and nesting White Storks. I must admit that Dan went to several places, travelling South to North. I'm trying to post them in some kind of order but I'm not sure of the locations of some of these photos.
Another angle of the same scene. Some of you may have been here and know exactly where it is.
Another lizard. Some sort of agama I believe. Agamas are strictly Old World lizards, not occuring in Northern Europe. I love seeing lizards scamper about rocks.
That lizard better keep on its toes.
That cat better stay alert as well. This venomous snake is a captive animal, but they occur naturally in the region. It is a relative of the Common Adder. There are many closely related species in Europe and the Middle East. I do not know which specific species this is.
So does anyone know where Dan Went? We know that it is either somewhere in the Middle East, or Southern Europe. More to come....

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