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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Where in the World is Dan?

My friend Dan Holayter has just returned from his latest adventure. As you can see from the photo above, he went to a tropical place. I am going to challenge you readers of this blog to figure out where he went based on the photos of this post.
I hope that some of you choose to accept the challenge. I think that it will be a difficult one for you to guess, at least at first. It will become more obvious as I add photos. I will reveal the correct answer to the challenge in the next post. The bird above was moving fast in low light so it is not in sharp focus. It is a male, Khalij Pheasant.
The less colorful female.
A friendly Java Sparrow in good light. Java Sparrow, Khalij Pheasant, Hmmm, where could this place be?
The first Java Sparrow was joined by a companion.
A beautiful Saffron Finch. These three species being seen in the wild in the same place ought to cinch the location for someone who is a well traveled birder. Do you know yet?
A Red-capped Cardinal. One more clue.
A Gold Dust Day Gecko on the wall. It should be the best clue yet. Gold dust Day Geckos are named for the yellow scales scattered across their neck and shoulders.
A Lightfoot Crab, I think . So we know that this place is near the ocean.
Wandering Tattlers, like this one, spend their Summers in Alaska.
A Spinner Dolphin doing its thing. I bet that you know where Dan went by now.
Another lousy sunset in paradise. So please leave a comment on this blog with your guess, or lack of a guess. Which of the photos helped you to figure out the location?


Maggie said...

I'm guessing Hawaii, based on the Java finch and the spinner dolphin(and the lava).

Unknown said...

I dont have any idea, many species confuse me,for example the pheasnts and Java sparrow are related in South east Asia,but... the cardinal bird,and tatler are related to central or South America and also the tatler hivernating in coastal areas.Probably Maggie are right.