Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fuzzy Progress

The title of this post refers to the progress that I am making on the Sea Otter painting which will probably have the word 'fuzzy' in the title. The painting is inspired somewhat by the otter photos that I got in Seward a few years ago. All of my other Sea Otter photos were taken from a greater distance than this guy.
I was in Seward on a Winter Audubon Society field trip. We were standing at the end of a stone jetty trying to spy on some distant sea birds, out in the bay. This young otter swam up to us, probably hoping for a handout. We had nothing to offer it.
The light was dim and I should have increased the camera's ISO but I got decent enough photos as it was.
A close up of the larger otter in the painting.
Another view.
The other otter is still in the preliminary stages.
The entire painting as it stands right now. I believe that the hardest parts of the painting are over with unless I decide to change the water behind the otters.
My friend Don sent me this photo yesterday. The story behind it goes like this; He was with his friend Lizzie and others when she found a freshly cast owl pellet. She thought it was owl poop so Don pulled it apart to the disgust and amazement of those who were present.
He explained that owls spit up the undigestable parts of their meals. This appeared to him to be the bones of a gopher.

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