Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Great Northern Diver etc.

This is not the best photo and certainly not my best painting but it is my latest. It is a Common Loon. They are called, Great Northern Divers or Great Northern Loons in Great Britain. I decided to title this 11x14" painting, 'Great Northern Diver' to distinguish it from other Common Loon paintings that I have done.
Do you remember the Mallard photos that I included in last week's post? I went back there this week after we got a snowstorm followed by a big drop in temperatures. All of Chester Creek was frozen over and the Mallards were gone. To where? There are always a few places that do not freeze, like the outflow of Westchester Lagoon.
I also went to a greenbelt a few miles up from Spenard Crossing. Not much there but do you see the hiker in the photo?
A cross country ski trail along the greenbelt. The building in the background is part of the University of Alaska, Anchorage campus.
There was a Moose in the neighborhood this morning.
The end of winter is a bad time for Moose. Not much for them to eat. When there are deep snows, (not this winter) many Moose starve to death.
This cow was acting a little camera shy.
I guess she changed her mind and decided to mug for the camera.


Sylwia Grabinska said...

wow, so close meeting with moose :)
Painting is grate, I wish to paint like you!

regards from Scandinavia

Unknown said...

Beautiful picture of the common loon John, the photos where you hike seems to be a black spruce or balsam fir forest and then, the temperatures could drop under -30 degrees if i not be wrong!.

john said...

Thank you for your comments Sylwia and Marc. The temperature has dropped and it is very cold today. It will get even colder as the week progresses.