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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Maggie in Iran

 Nobody goes to Iran, especially Americans. There are still American citizens being jailed there on trumped up charges and held hostage for years on end. The US government does little to help them. Who would want to go there?
 BTW, this is a place called Meybod.
Maggie went to Iran. By herself! She is afraid of bears but not afraid of Iran. I certainly admire her courage. I'll take the bears any day.
She did not travel around the country by herself. Such a thing is not permitted in Iran. This is her guide Malid. They are enjoying a fine lunch in the mountains.
The hill town of Masuleh. 
Anchorage birder extraordinaire, Aaron Bowman once lived in next door Iraq. He talks about a mountain range in Iran, (I forget the name of it) but it is a great place to see some hard to get birds. He dreams of going there.
Khaju Square.
She stayed in an old caravanserai.
Her spartan yet elegant room.
I do not know if she did her own cleaning, but an interesting broom. Probably the same style of broom that has been used to clean the caravanserai floors for centuries.
Her colorful dinner. Looks yummy.
A sandstorm is brewing.
I wonder if the colonel would approve of the chicken here? It is probably better than KFC.
Naqsh-e Jahan Square.
There is more to come from Maggie's trip to Iran.


Maggie said...

John, the Iranians are very friendly and gracious, and were especially excited to meet an American visitor ("Iran and U.S., we are friends!" was something I heard many times.) A bear would never have invited me to a tea shop or to its home for dinner (unless I was the main course). Milad told me that having an American client was like a status symbol for him.

Oh, and the first shot is of Kharanaq village, not Meyboud.

john said...

Sorry for getting some of the names wrong. I have a great nephew named Malid, (my neice's son, she married an Egyptian), similar to your guide's name Milad. I fear the Iranian religeous police, not so much the Iranian people. I do not doubt their gracious hospitality.