Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Colors of Iran

Islamic architecture and art is aesthetically very pleasing to the eye. Islam forbids the depiction of figures, (animals, people, deity) in their art so they rely heavily on geometric patterns instead. I guess that taboo does not apply to religious leaders like the ayatollahs.
To me the Kashan Shrine above is undeniably beautiful.
Maggie shot many great photos of intricate tile work in the various shrines and mosques like the Esfahan Mosque above.
The Faience Mural is a masterful blend of agreeable colors and shapes.
Another masterful blend... of spices in the marketplace.
An arcade in Nasir al Molk. A study in pinks.
Also at Nasir al Molk. The dome over the tomb of the poet Hafez.
A lovely stained glass window at Nasir al Molk.
Another view.
Ancient Persian stone relief at Persepolis. I hope that the mindless, Islamic State thugs from Iraq and Syria never get near these treasures. It breaks my heart to think of the outrages that they have done at places like Palmyra, Syria. What profound ignorance and arrogance.
A ram procession at Persepolis.
This is a good photo to end with from Maggie's adventure in Iran. She says that it is a perfectly safe place to go. Who would have thought?

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