Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Friday, October 2, 2015

More From Iran

In the last post I thought that I had uploaded all of the photos that I had set aside from Maggie's adventure in Iran. Yesterday I stumbled upon some more of her photos. Above is the Zoroastrian Tower of Silence. It certainly looks like a good place to go to seek silence.
A Zoroastrian Fire Temple. It is important not to let the fire ever go out.
I looked up a little information about Zoroastrianism. It is considered to be possibly the first monotheistic religion. Its founder, Zoroaster aka Zarathustra lived in Iran many hundreds of years before Christ.
He taught that Ahura Mazda is the supreme being; the Lord of Wisdom. There are also two opposing spirits; Spanta Mainyu- the righteous spirit, and Angra Mainyu- the destructive spirit. They influence the deeds of us mortals.
In the afterlife we will be judged for our deeds and the righteous will receive a happy eternity while the wicked will inherit eternal damnation.  Zoroaster taught that we should think good, speak good, and act good. It is very difficult for converts to be accepted into the religion.
Nowruz, the new year celebration is their main holiday and is celebrated by both Zoroastrian and non- Zoroastrian people in several countries throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.
Some rugged and stark desert. Lots of that in Iran no doubt.
There are some high cool mountains in Iran also.
A proper sandstorm.
Vakil columns. A good place to escape the sandstorm.
Iran also has its own version of Whole Foods. It does not look much like a health food store. It looks more like a convenience store to me.
Are these burka clad women looking at all this colorful cloth with longing? I guess they wear more stylish clothes under their burkas or at home. Maybe this cloth is for making curtains?
The school girls at least get to wear a little more color. The truth is that women in Iran are allowed to wear colorful and stylish though modest clothing as long as they cover their heads.
Iran would experience a lot more foreign tourism if not for the overbearing influence of these guys.

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