Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Recent Bart Photos

Bart recently sent me a new batch of his photographs. This may be Portage Glacier. Anyway this tour boat got up close and personal with the calfing glacier.
He did not take this photo in the Winter. You just know it was cold anyway balancing on the ice chunks.
Christmas tree with natural frost.
An overloaded fishing boat in Prince William Sound.
Bart on his sailboat in PWS.
A curious Bald Eagle.
Beach Lake near Bart's home in Eagle River.
Beach Lake shore.
Eagle River overlook.
Kinkaid Park in Anchorage. I seldom go there because it is clear across town.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Waxwing Painting etc

My latest painting is small, 8x10", but it took forever. I got discouraged with it from the get go and kept setting it aside. Eventually I forced myself to finish it although I may do more adjustments. 
I think that Bohemian Waxwings could potentially make a glorious subject for a painting but so far I have been largely disappointed with my many efforts.
I have been seeing a lot of them this Winter but have not tried to photograph them. I already have dozens of photos of waxwings.
I will flesh out this post with some recent photos by Bart Quimby. These photos were taken from Bear Mountain near his house.
Bear Mountain looks relatively flat on top but has very steep sides. I have never climbed up there.
A makeshift cairn on top. That is Knik Arm in the background.
This may be Peter's Creek but I'm not sure.
This is a mountain I have climbed many times, Mt. Baldy. Bart used to climb it every morning before work. Now he is retired.
The first time I climbed it in 1997, I sat down on top to take in the scenery. Then I heard some soft clucking. I looked around and then noticed that some of the rocks around me were moving. When I focused on them I realized that they were Rock Ptarmigan. They were all around me.
I never climbed it in the Winter. The cold and treacherous footing does not discourage Bart.
Bart even climes it in the dark. This is Eagle River at the foot of Mt. Baldy.
A nice panorama. Anchorage lies on the other side of the mountain on top.