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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, February 7, 2011

Wilson Botanical Gardens

If you cross over the Cerro de la Muerte and keep going south to the Panamanian border, the last town in Costa Rica is San Vito. It is on the Pacific Slope and is is the location of the Wilson Botanical Gardens.
I intended to visit them on my first trip to Costa Rica but the principal buildings of the gardens burned to the ground while I was in Costa Rica. I went to Golfito instead after I read about the fire in the newspaper.
The gardens are famous for their bird diversity. Above a Blue-crowned Motmot enjoys a piece of banana.
By the time I visited the place on my second trip to Costa Rica, The buildings had been rebuilt and there was no sign of the devastating fire. The bird above is a Streaked Saltator.
One of the least colorful of the tanagers, Palm Tanager.
A spectacular little tanager, this Golden-hooded Tanager enjoys some Papaya.
Another beauty, Silver-throated Tanager.

Thick-billed Euphonias are closely related to the tanagers. Both are strictly New World bird families.

The Speckled Tanager is certainly more impressive in life than this photo indicates.
The photo is in bad light and cannot convey the unreal quality of the Bay-headed Tanager's colors.
A lovely female Green Honeycreeper feasts on a banana.
The male Green Honeycreeper is neon bright in life.
Another bird that is unreal in it's gaudy appearance, The Fiery-billed Aracari.
These toucans look like they are made of paper mache'. They occur in a small range on the Pacific Slope along the border of Costa Rica and Panama.

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