Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Paint What You Know?

Paint what you know. That's a piece of advice that I heard long ago. I don't remember the source, and I definitely don't think that is very good advice. How will you ever grow as an artist if you don't jump into unknown waters?
This is however, the advice that I followed for this painting, and the last one. I know snow, and I know moose very well, so those are the subjects for my second prospective entry into the America's Parks art contest. The photo above was one that I shot at first light on an Audubon Christmas Bird Count several years ago.

Another photo from the CBC. I use this one as the screensaver on my pc. I used it also for reference in the painting that I finished today.

Another reference photo. One of the regular neighborhood moose. Mostly, I was only interested in the look of matted snow on fur.
Remember this photo from earlier this summer? I like this cow's pose.
Using the previous reference photos, this is the composition that I came up with. Deep Winter, 16x20". Is it better than the previous painting? I cannot tell. Should I enter it, or the eagle painting into the contest? How about both paintings, or neither? What do you think?
A slightly distorted macro shot of the moose. This painting was much harder to paint than the last one. I struggled to make the trees look natural.

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Friend of HK said...

Wow! What a genius! The way you put these pictures together is extremely clever. It is always a pleasure to look at your wildlife paintings.