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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jeremy's New Camera

My nephew Jeremy got a new Canon just a day or two ago. He shot this distant Black Bear, and the following photos from his yard in Petersburg.
Imagine being able to watch Killer Whales from your house. The only whales that I have seen off the coastal trail in Anchorage are Belugas. It has been years since I have seen a Beluga. The local, Cook Inlet population of Belugas is in serious trouble, probably because of global warming.

A nice male Surf Scoter. I would love to see these guys from my yard. I have to go to Seward to see them. That is not entirely true, once in a while they will show up in Anchorage.
A distant shot of the scoter and a Harlequin Duck.

A nice shot of a tugboat, the Western Mariner.
Jeremy's son, Jasper I think,  in their living room. I seriously wish that I could have a view like this from my living room. I get to look out at the highway through my front window. I look forward to getting many more photos of Southeastern Alaska in the future.


Anonymous said...

Did you lighten the scoter, or sharpen it? It looks much better.

I love having the new camera mostly for ID'ing stuff. Aside from that I would be content with a spotting scope.

We didn't see any whales for years living here inland, then we saw humpbacks in the distance, then on the ferry bubble feeding and then all around it for hour after hour (we had no idea there were that many humpbacks here). Now we get to see them frequently. I can't believe what a difference waterfront has made. Throw in the bullets shot through our last place right after we left and its awfully hard to miss.

You should visit some time. It's a different Alaska (I love the rest of Alaska but I love the balance of light and cold and water here).

john said...

Jeremy, I would love to visit Petersburg sometime. Every spare nickel I earn goes for the next exotic adventure. I'm still paying off the last one.
I did sharpen the scoter photo a little. Mostly I played with the cloning tool on some key areas like the bill and eye.
I skip the spotting scope in favor of a light-weight camera.

tess stieben said...

I was lucky to get photos of a scooter quite close up a few years back; in of all places, a city pond. There were five or six but by the time we heard about them only one had stuck around. that bear sure looks like a painting. hugs!

Unknown said...

Its really interesting duc.The surf scoter,it keeps me the attention, the contrast of the orange reddish and white colour of his bill, and the white patches on forehead,it makes an a strong contrast in relation with his black body,it looks like a figuratibe abstract painting.

john said...

Tess and Marc, Thank you for your comments on behalf of Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks all. It's been fun trying to figure this camera out and take better shots without losing too much.