Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ushuala and Beyond

Before sailing south to Antarctica, Gary and Terry spent a few days in Buenos Aires and then Ushuala at the bottom of the South American continent. They saw some good birds, like this Chimango Caracara.
Beautiful, and tame Upland Geese.
A member of an exclusively South American bird family that looks like thrushes, this is a Dark-bellied Cinclodes. They are part of the large South American bird family called oven birds. They were given that name because of the way they construct their nests.
South America has some really cool ducks, like this, Chloe Widgeon.
Yellow-billed Pintails, (background) and Spectacled Ducks. Parts of Argentina have massive numbers of waterfowl.
A Pintado Petrel on the high seas.
A large, Southern Royal Albatross.
The related Northern Royal Albatross.
Gray-headed Albatross.
Light-Mantled Albatross.
A Gentoo Penguin plows through the water.
The cutest of the penguins, Adele Penguin.

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