Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In Gary's Yard & A New Painting

Gary Lyon from Homer set up a game cam in his yard to see what was around when he and his wife were not watching. He has a nice sized pond on his property that often has a Moose in it.
The game cam captured this shot of a Grizzly Bear. It was chasing a Moose. See the agitated water at the far left of the photo.
The Moose got away.
Gary got this night time shot of another Grizzly Bear from much closer. Notice the Fish & Game collar around its neck. That means that it is a nuisance bear that has gotten into mischief before.
It must be a little unnerving to know that there are multiple bears wandering around your property.
I cannot remember if I posted this photo before of a Saw-whet Owl that spent weeks in Gary's shed a few Winters ago.
It did not go hungry. I believe that the prey is a redpoll.
This is a poor photo of my latest painting. This 11x14" Coyote is a commission but I'm not sure how serious the couple is that wanted a Coyote painting. I finished the painting it a few weeks ago but I wanted to sit on it for awhile before I decided if it was finished. Personally I am not too impressed with this painting but I have sold much worse artwork than this.
A slightly out of focus close up.
Today I started applying paint to an 18x24" Cougar sketch that is another iffy commission. The new painting is already looking much better than this one. I have high hopes for it, and I hope that I did'nt jinx it by saying that.

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