Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Troll Hunting in the Lava Tube

My friend Dan just got back from his latest harrowing adventure in Hawaii. He was following up on a legend of trolls living in a particular lava tube on the big island. He and his wife Julie, (above) made all the proper preparations based on the things that the characters in Dan's favorite Finnish movie,'Troll Hunter' did to prepare for a close encounter with a troll.
With a great deal of trepidation they made their way underground. .They slowly worked their way all the way to the back of the lava tube and passed through an enchanted portal into a  mysterious world.
 There they came face to face with the first troll. It was terrifying.
Few people could look into the gaze of a troll and live to tell about it.
Don't stare too long into this face. You may turn to stone or something.
Actually these are Dan's grandchildren taken with a fisheye lens, and he told me that Troll Hunter is the worst movie ever made. I found the movie in Blockbuster and being my usual twisted self, I could not resist the temptation to rent it. Dan got it all wrong. Troll Hunter is a delightful movie, watch it if you can find it.
After surviving the lava tube, they visited Peepee Falls.
I wonder if there are any trolls living in the grotto behind these falls?
This looks like the ultimate swimming hole to me.
Next they had to visit the world's largest Banyan tree.
A Hawaiian bird that visits Alaska occasionally, Pacific Golden Plover.
Not quite in focus, (Dan needs to invest in a better telephoto lens). This is a Peaceful Dove.
Another introduced dove from Southeast Asia, Spotted Dove. Dan and his wife are leaving for Thailand in a few weeks where they will see plenty more Peaceful and Spotted Doves.

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