Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Friday, April 29, 2016

A Wildlife Kind of Day

A week ago I went south to Portage to the Alaska Wildlife Preserve with Bart and Sandy. All of these photos were taken by Bart. I took my own photos but I like Bart's photos better. He has a better lens.
As they say, Good fences make good neighbors.
I have passed by this place numerous times but have never stopped. It lies at the end of Turnagain Arm.
Anchorage lies about 50 miles to the north.
A bull Moose just sprouting its antlers.
While I fumbled to set up my tripod to photograph this Hairy Woodpecker, Bart managed this hand held photo with his new Canon 100-400mm lens. It is a great lens.
The Gulls have only been back in town for a few weeks. These are Mew gulls.
Meanwhile Bart went up to Powerline Pass above Anchorage.It is still  winter up there.
The Willow Ptarmigan have really started to attain their breeding plumage.


Marc said...

Impresibe brown bear individulas John,looks like a Kodiak bear,its a pittiful to se this magnificent animals vetween the metallic grilled fences.

john said...

Thank you for your comment Marc. The bears were not between two fences. They were free roaming in a huge area.

Jeremy Pearse said...

Really enjoying this series of photos, great that you have wildlife like this in your backyard. Also, sorry to hear that you have health problems, I really wish you well and all the best for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to seeing some new paintings.