Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Some Little Things

Recently I traded out some older paintings that never sold, for some newer stuff in my favorite art gallery, The Sea Lion, in Homer Alaska. Some of the paintings were pretty good, and I dont know why they did'nt sell. On the other hand some of the stuff that I think is dreck sells right away. It shows what I know.

As usual, I had to play with some of them to hopefully improve their look. Most of the time, it's just wasted effort. Here are some examples.
Drizzled Eagle 9x12", original version.
Drizzled Eagle, new and improved? I added a gray wash on the outer edged of the eagle, made a few feathers stick out on it's head, and did a dark glaze on the inside of the eagle and tree. There were a few other touch ups to the tree as well.
The Lone Caribou, 8x10". In the real painting, the caribou is hardly visible against the busy background.
All I did with this one was to put a gray wash over everything behind the caribou, and darken the caribou. I also did a few white highlights along it's edges.
There are several more of these to come but I have not fiddled with them yet.
No changes were made to this, Harpy, 16x12".


Unknown said...

These paintings are lovely & very natural.. Thanks for sharing them.....

john said...

Thank you Tony, Your blog is beautiful. You have some great photographs. I hope to visit Sri Lanka one day.