Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bull Session Gets a Makeover.

This week yet another Art Gallery closed it's doors in Anchorage. There were about a dozen in town when I first moved to Alaska. I think there are two left open. They are both a shadow of what they once were. The problem is not mismanagement on the part of the galleries, it is a near complete lack of support by the public.
This is not a harsh complaint on my part, just an objective observation of changing times. I know that art lives on in other places, and I semi-regularly sell paintings. I sold one today. Anchorage is no longer as productive as it once was for art sales. Maybe art will come into vogue again someday.
Anyway I got back a bunch of old paintings. Like usual I cant leave them be, so now I am busy re-working some of them. I photographed these with my brand new camera that is not as good as the old one. Thank goodness the old one still works just fine. This is the original version of Bull Session, 20x24".
This is the new version. The painting looks much better in life than the photo.
Daybreak on the Meadow, 16x20". This one looks fine to me, so I did not alter it. There are more of these to come when I get around to dealing with them.

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