Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Foggy Night and Evening Light

For the last several days we have had a lot of fog night and day, but with sunny afternoons. I went out on my balcony and shot this photo of the apartment complex I live in.
A close up of the manager's office obscured by the glare of light.
Looking out over the visitor's parking lot.
This evening, (Saturday), I rode my bicycle up to Kentucky Fried Chicken for a nutritious, (sarcasm), dinner. On the way back I was admiring the way that the evening light illuminated the trunks of Birch trees in the background while the foreground remained in shadow.
I hurried home to get my camera and return before the light was gone. Thank goodness for very long sunsets this far north. It was a challenge trying to get the exposure right. Usually I just set the camera on program and dont worry about it.
That did'nt work in this situation so I had to do what I have'nt done in years, try manual exposure.
I purposely underexposed the images because that is the way it looked in the low light conditions.
The plants in the foreground are Fireweed going to seed. Someday it will make a good subject for a painting. I could put a fox or something in the composition.
Just as I was starting this blog post I looked out the back window and saw this moonrise over the mountains. I think That I need to quit being such a lazy photographer, and start playing with manual exposure more often.

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