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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, September 27, 2010

Jimmy's Art

My younger brother Jim passed away in January. He had two main careers in his life. He was a sculptor, concentrating on wood carvings of birds. His other career was making custom knives. My oldest brother Bob was also a reknown knife maker, and taught Jimmy the craft.
These career choices dont lend themselves to a steady income, so, like me, my brothers had to get conventional jobs from time to time.
Wood carvings like this Kestrel took my brother months to carve. The photo does'nt show the minute details of the bird. They were very difficult to sell because of their high prices.
The feet are made out of copper. I believe the wood is Basswood.
One of my favorite carvings that he did is this Peregrine.
Jimmy also made jewelry and did impressionist painting. I think he was a better impressionist than anything else, but he did'nt really enjoy it, so he gave it up.
This is one of my brother's last knives. He was making it for me. The plan was that he would scrimshaw a design on the ivory handle but he never got around to doing it. I think I like it better without the scrimshaw.
My other younger brother Rick is a portrait photographer. His website is, http://www.lofgreenphotography.com/.

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tess stieben said...

Beautiful work to be remembered by.