Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Russian Church and random stuff

This is the view of a Russian Orthodox church from the edge of the property where I live.
The mountains in the background will be covered in snow any day now. They are blanketed in snow most of the year.There are many homes and condos between my apt. and the church, so I have tried to find angles to shoot photos where I could obscure most of the clutter with vegetation.
Russian Orthodox churches are a legacy of the time when Alaska belonged to Russia. I know little about the religeon, but they have the coolest churches around. I believe that most of their parishoners are Alaska natives.
The churches are famous for their onion domes and distinctive crosses.
Between my place and the church there is a weedy field. I suspect that most of the weeds are introduced species. Volunteers go around to sensitive areas around town removing invasive plants. This field is no doubt a lost cause. I dont believe that I have ever seen this kind of grass before.
A late blooming fireweed and some daisy-like composites.
Who knows what these flowers are ?
Another mystery flower.
A Steller's Jay forages on the ground.
My latest painting is a humble portrait of a Kestrel, 10x8".


Colette Theriault said...

Thanks John, for commenting on my blog. I always enjoy looking through your wonderful photographs and lovely paintings on your blog. I have to remind myself to take some time off to enjoy other's blogs and I'm glad to have stopped by!Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings. Cheers,Colette

AKmamaOf7 said...

Beautiful photos. I'm Orthodox and a white lady. :) There are more than you think. You are welcome to attend a service, if you think the outsides are cool you should see the inside.