Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Friday, September 10, 2010

More From Denali

Denali National Park is dominated by the massive hulk of Mount Mckinley, The highest mountain in North America. Can you see the two people in the foreground?
Mckinley is so huge that it creates it's own weather. Most tourists who come to the park to see it, never do because it is usually inshrouded in clouds. Ocasionally it is visible from Anchorage, hundreds of miles away.
Many photographers photograph the mountain from Reflection Pond.
People die every year trying to climb to the top.
The photo above inspired this painting, The Brooding Giant, 16x20". I have painting the mountain many times, as have most Alaskan artists.
In a land with few trees, Beavers make do with twigs to build their lodges. I like the way this Beaver lodge mirrors the pyramidal shapes of some of the peaks in the background.
Beavers manage to survive in some very inhospitable places. They are abundant in Denali.
The original slide is not so blurry, but Red Foxes are not shy at all in Denali.
A small 9x12" painting inspired by the above photo. I dont like it so one day I will do a bigger, better painting using the lighting and angle of the photo.
Alaska's state bird, Willow Ptarmigan.
Rock Ptarmigan are even more abundant than Willows in the park.
They are very trusting birds.
I believe that I have painting Rock Ptarmigans more often than Willow Ptarmigans. I forget the size and title of this painting.
This is my favorite Ptarmigan painting. It was an Arts fot the Parks top 100 finalist. It is 11x14". There is still more to come from Denali NP.

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