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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Eye Candy

Finally I managed to drum up enough enthusiasm to pick up a paint brush and get back to work. This is a detail of the latest, (un-exciting) painting. Obviously, (to a birder anyway) this is a Yellow Warbler.
This is the entire painting. Eye Candy, 8x10". It's not that this painting is so bad. I'm just bored to death with my own limitations as an artist. I have already painted everything that I ever wanted to paint. That is the real crux of the creative funk that has gripped me for the last month.
I cannot seem to climb up to the next rung on the ladder. Abandoning realism and wildlife art are ideas that do not appeal to me, so what do I do? I wish I knew.


Jeremy Pearse said...

Tough questions to answer there John. Like so many artists, I also go through periods like this - only thing is to keep going back to the subjects that truly inspire you - not just as an artist but also as an observer. For me I find it helps to look at the work of some of my favorite artists - usually this inspires me to try again although I do admit it is sometimes hard to work through. Why don't you paint en plein air? It is difficult sometimes to get out there and one never knows what will come of it, but often this will be the necessary step to bring you back to nature. Often giving yourself a new project such as visiting an old barn or building and just painting whatever you find there however trivial it may seem can be the next step forward. The results can be very inspiring - look for the abstract and try to think like an abstract artist. Anyway, best of luck and hope some of this helps!

Anonymous said...

I like it. The fall leaves work well. I have stalked these little birds often trying to get a good view, they flit about quicker than I can though. Need to replace the binoculars with a camera.

As for inspirstion and value/perspective, I think you just need to wander a bit and gather the random inspiration that comes as fruit of the wanderlust.

We'll pick up a new camera here soon. Been busy with a new dog (siberian husky from Willow), new house, selling land, tooling up a machine shop, visit from the in-laws, new calling to go with the old one, etc... a bit overwhelmed really.

john said...

Thanks Jeremy P, and anonymous Jeremy P. Becoming frustrated with my own work is a semi-regular occurance with me. It usually forces me to strive for a higher level of painting. As I get older, that becomes harder to do.
Plein-air is a technique that I have tried with unsatisfactory results. Especially here in AK. It's either too cold, too wet, too windy, or too many mosquitos. I admire those who perservere in adverse conditions, and I do enjoy seeing plein-air paintings. I just dont enjoy doing them.

Steve's Bird Blog said...


I love this painting of the Yellow Warbler to me it captures the cuteness of this bird and I love the warmth of the picture. I am so glad you share your work with us. Sorry I haven't commented for a while it has been a busy summer I haven't even been able to go out birding much.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...