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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Jeremy's Photos etc.

My nephew, Jeremy Parker lives in Petersburg, Alaska with his wife Lana and their young family. I have been pressuring him lately to send me some photos from his part of the state. The problem is that he does not have the best camera. My belief is that any camera is capable of taking great photos under the right circumstances. Jeremy sent me a few photos and promises to work on getting me some more.
Petersburg is a small town south of Juneau in Alaska's panhande. It is in the temperate rainforest, and rain is the operative word .
There are many differences between Petersburg and Anchorage. For example, they see many Sitka Black-tailed Deer and few Moose. We see many Moose and no deer in Anchorage. Petersburg has an abundance of sealife, while Anchorage has extensive mudflats with shallow seas, and little in the way of marine creatures.
This is a mossy antlered Blacktail Deer in Jeremy's yard. I have never seen a Sitka Blacktail.
While insects are somewhat scarce around Anchorage, Jeremy says that there are many insects around Petersburg. I like the white X on the abdomen of this spider in Jeremy's window. Someone told me that there are even the highly venomous, Brown Recluse Spiders in Alaska.
The rest of these photos are just some recent views from the fields next to my home, like this road that ends at the top of this mound.

The best point of interest around is the Russian Orthodox Church across the way. It frankly looks better from a distance.
These telephoto views make it appear as if the mountains are very close to the church. The truth is that the church and the mountains are seperated by a lot of city. It is very difficult to access the mountains from here. They are a part of JBER military base and I know of no trails leading up into the hills from this section of town.
This photo gives the impression that the church is nestled within a dense forest. The reality is that the church is surrounded by an asphalt parking lot that seperates it from dense housing and a busy street in front. There are a number of apartment complexes between the fields and the church. I would still like to paint the church from this perspective someday.
Because of the large volume of rain lately, there are some good sized puddles in the fields. Mallard Ducks have lost no time exploiting them. I have no idea what they are finding to eat. There are no aquatic insects or plants in these temporary pools so far as I know.

A parting shot.

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