Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Something Old, Something Less Old

I showed this painting of Black-headed Parrots a few weeks ago. This painting, 14x11", was completed shortly after a trip that Gary and I took to Ecuador some years ago. It has been sitting unsold in Gary's art gallery, 'The Sea Lion' until he recently returned it to me.
I felt that I could improve it without too much trouble. The main  changes I made were to lighten up the upper right corner of the background, and to add a few more leaves along the left side of the painting. I hardly touched the birds themselves.
The actual painting is more richly colored than these photos indicate.
In other news I recently changed jobs and now I work at the Bureau of Land Management in their Civil Rights Dept. It is still just lowly data entry etc that I do for them, but I have my own office.
Another good thing is that I recently sold this 18x24" painting called, Feather Dusters to the impressive Pratt Museum in Homer. Somewhere along the way the painting's title got changed to, Graduation. They liked the painting because it shows the transitional stages of a Bald Eagle from juvenile to adult.
I also won the People's Choice award at the Hummingbird Festival in Ketchikan earlier this summer. I sold a lot of paintings this summer but I have painted very little new work. I need to get busy.

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Unknown said...

You are luky i confide that you turn to earn money by you REAL WORK.That its not in mi case, where i send two pictures for participate in a wildlife art exhibition in England and the judjes dont select my work,i have to wait several months for try again because i habe to control,my reduced budget.