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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Top Ten List

Normally at about this time of year I post my Top Ten New Birds of the year list. This year I was a lazy birder and I did not go anywhere new. That means that I did not get any new birds this whole year, Boo Hoo.
It dawned on me that I seldom make an account of new paintings. I really do not know how many new paintings that I did in 2014. I went back and tried to gather some photos of the paintings that I finished in 2014. I cannot remember how many paintings I did and I know that I missed some of them but I will start with the worst one although I may have actually painted this turkey, (Solitary Sandpiper) in 2013.
2014 certainly was not my best year ever. Not by a long shot.
I am trying to go from worst to best although it is hard to decide the worst ones since I had so many flops this past year. 
Nyala - alayN. A real turkey although the painting is much better than the photo.
Fuzzy Buddies. Not so good but I am sure that it will sell.
Tundra Blonde. The painting looks much better than the photo.
Meet the Undertaker.
I forget the name of this one.
Some of these are not so very bad. I kind of like this Golden-crowned Sparrow.
This one sold quickly.
Alpha Dogs.
In Quiet Solitude, won the People's Choice award at the Hummingbird Festival and sold easily.
I forget the name of this one as well. Something to do with Sagebrush.
Lonesome Lake.
This is my favorite painting of the year. It also sold quickly. I sold many paintings this year including two more within the last few days. A good year for art sales, not the best year for painting. There are several other 2014 paintings but I cannot find photos of them. The last post has photos of my newest painting.


Jeremy Pearse said...

The cranes painting is my favorite too! Works on so many levels, love everything about it. And congratulations on having such a great year.

Unknown said...

Several of your pictures are beutiful;for me, its not easy to decide wich one is the best,several of them are good also the cranes too.