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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Seward and the Elk

In Seward there is a woman named Eva who lives on the outskirts of town. She is known locally for her bird feeders. She always has the most bird action around. This is a female Pine Grosbeak.
The light was too dim to get sharp focus on this male Pine Grosbeak but I like the shot anyway.
Same goes for this Downy Woodpecker. There were two Purple Finches in her yard but they were too flighty to pose for photos. Purple Finches do not normally occur in Alaska. They were a nice addition, along with the Killdeer to my Alaska bird list.
A pair of Common Mergansers. They are called Goosanders in the Old World.
A Common Murre in poor light.
It is always good to see Long-tailed Ducks.
Overlooking the harbor. I love this place.
Heading to Lowell Point.
The last houses in town.
One last view of the bay. There is a Steller's Eider out there somewhere but we could not find it.
This is the painting that I have been working on lately. Aspen Standing, 16x20" I kind of like this one.
I have painted so many  Elk over the years but they tend to sell. So it goes.


John Holmes said...

Great-looking Long-tailed Duck...

John Holmes said...

....and rather a knowing look on the face of that Elk - perhaps he's thinking of Troll-hunting.

john said...

I think I'd like to hunt down a troll myself someday. It might make a good subject for a painting.