Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bald Eagle Painting etc.

The latest painting is a 16x20" pair of Bald Eagles in a snowstorm. As usual, the actual painting looks so much better, with subtle glazes, colors, and textures that just dont show up in the photo. It still does'nt have a title yet.
Since this is such a short post, I'll include a few photos from Russian Jack Park a few days ago. This, of course, is an American Robin.
I wish I had more interesting subjects to photograph, but these are about the only things in the neighborhood right now. I have'nt even seen a moose since one almost stomped me a few weeks ago while I was out riding my bicycle. It was being chased by two moronic, shopping center security guards in a golf cart. They chased it down the bike path that I was on. By making a sharp turn into the grass, I avoided a collision.
I also managed to get a few photos of a Snowshoe Hare. They are fairly shy, and not all that common in the city.
There is a small population of them in Russian Jack. I dont see them on most of my visits.

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