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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Friday, June 17, 2011

Life in Full Flourish

Summer Solstice is almost here. It's a joyous time, here in the land of the midnight sun. After a few weeks of cold, gloomy, and rainy weather, the sun was/is out today, and I was out and about enjoying it.
Alder Flycatcher (above) is a drab empidonax type of flycatcher. Best identified by it's voice, rather than it's looks. They are amoung the last of the breeding birds to arrive, and first to head back south. They come, breed, leave, all in six weeks or two months.
Although they are common while they are here, they stick to cover. Today was the first time I have been able to get photos of a territorial male.

A local news crew was at Westchester Lagoon doing a story about urban birds, and the proliferation of new life amoung the local waterfowl. Mallards were the most conspicuous.
More babies. I must have seen ten different broods today.
A slightly older chick has already learned to beg for bread from picnickers.
I must have seen ten Red-necked Grebe nests as well.
A Red-necked Grebe fishes for it's mate on the nest.
Mew Gulls were very protective of their chicks.
This hungry chick would not leave it's parents in peace.
An adult keeps a watchful eye on it's young.
There was no shortage of Robins along Chester Creek Greenbelt.
Many birds have a brood patch, (an opening in their breast feathers that allows the adults to incubate eggs more effectively) during the breeding season. The brood patch is clearly visible on this Robin.

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Kay Baughman said...

Love your photos--and the birds that are their subjects. Especially the mew gull chicks! Your summers may be short but they look lovely.