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Untamed Land
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Gary's Photos, part 1

If you're tired of hearing about our recent trip to Uganda, that's too bad. I dont have anything interesting to blog about anyway.
Gary finally got around to sending me a cd of his photos from the trip. That hopeless miscreant Tom already admitted that he'll probably never get around to sending me a copy of his many short videos he made of the trip.
Anyway, Gary has the same model of camera that I have, Fujifilm HS-10. Some of his photos are naturally similar to things I photographed, but he got many great photos that make me jealous. The above photo is where we stayed in Entebbe both at the beginning and end of our journey. It was quite comfortable. It had two beds with another one in the loft where Tom slept. It also had a nice bathroom, kitchenette,and even a tv.
Gary photographed this magnificent, Ross's Turaco in the tree right next to our little banda. For some reason Gary reduced the size of his photos that he sent, so some of them look better when they are not blown up to maximum size.
This was our first of several Lizard Buzzards in Entebbe.
A great little, African Firefinch.
One of the birds we saw everywhere, Eastern Grey Plantain Eater. They call loudly, and sound like a kookabura to me.
I know I posted a similar photo to this Crowned Hornbill, but it's too good not to show again.
Earlier I wrote about a tree overhanging Lake Victoria that had 50+ Pied Kingfishers in it. Gary got such a great photo of one of them.
That tree was also loaded with several species of nesting weavers, including this beautiful Golden-backed Weaver.
There are several species of rollers in Uganda. The predominate roller in Entebbe is the Broad-billed Roller.
Moving on from Entebbe we visited the reknown Mabamba Swamp. At the edge of the swamp we saw many, Blue-breasted Bee-eaters.
We Saw a number of not so, Purple Herons there.
African Jacanas as well.
We saw African Fish Eagles everywhere that had enough water.
The reason that virtually all birders visiting Uganda go to the Mabamba Swamp is for the must-see, Shoebill. We saw them in Muchison as well.

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tess stieben said...

I had never seen anything like the Shoebill before I began following your blog, Its wonderful to be able to see through another's lens that which I may never see myself. I thoroughly enjoy tagging along on your worldly adventures. Hugs!