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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Day at the Beach

For the last few weeks I have wanted to take a day to go birding along the coastal trail in Anchorage. The weather has been so cold and windy, that I have been postponing it until today. There was partial sunshine, and no wind, so I went for it.
The Anchorage Coastal Trail is a real treasure, at least in the summer months. There is no beach to speak of, just mudflats that are treacherous to walk on. The waves are 6 inches high on a good day. The trail is laid out above the mudflats, and provide a safe overlook. It also connects with some greenbelts, and a lake, Westchester Lagoon.
It was high tide over the mudflats, so I was able to photograph this Bonaparte's Gull from fairly close.
The second bird to pose for a photo was this Surfbird. This is the only Surfbird I have seen along the Coastal Trail.
This is a pair of sleeping Short-billed Dowitchers.
Lesser Yellowlegs
Hudsonian Godwit in prime breeding plummage.
I turned inland at Westchester Lagoon and photographed this friendly, male Gadwall.
2 pairs of Shovelers.
What happened to their mates?
Last of all, a Tree Swallow nesting on the side of a building. I saw many other interesting birds today. Life is good.

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