Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grounded Snowies

This is the 16x20" Snow Goose painting that has kept me busy for the last several days. I started it last december, but I got bored with it, and set it aside. After giving up on the black bear painting, I decided to finish it, rather than start a new painting.
Do I like it? Well I think I would like to do a similar painting, replacing Snow Geese with Sandhill Cranes. Maybe the cranes would create a more visually interesting mood with their tall, dark, silhouettes. The truth is that I'm seldom content with my artwork, or anything else. I think that's a good thing. In time I may grow to like it more, or hate it altogether, who knows?

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Steve's Bird Blog said...

Hi John
I think this painting is beautiful, I also love your bear painting.

To answer your question to me about Eastern Kingbirds, they have been regulars every summer at Farmington Bay for as long as I have been birding there. It is the only place I have seen them.

The newcomers are the Grackles. They have been moving north for the last several years from Arizona and seem to have established themselves as year round residents of Northern Utah.

As always it was good to hear from you.