Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Little Birdies

Like Istated before, I would post some of the recent painting I got from the gallery as soon as I glamourized them.
Original version. A boring painting of an obscure bird, Lapland Longspur, 8x10".
The new version, still a boring painting of an obscure bird. They are beautiful birds anyway. What I wanted to accomplish with these changes was to create the look of light reflecting off the surface of the bird's feathers. The reflections are not so strong in the actual painting as they show in the photo. The rock looked really funky so I replaced it with tundra vegetation.
The original version of Bathing Beauty, 8x10". I like the concept, but the painting is too busy, and just does'nt look right.

Mostly I just darkened the overall painting including the shadows on the Myrtle Warbler.
Myrtle, (Yellow-rumped), Warblers are incredibly beautiful in their prime breeding plummage.
Owls have been a popular subject matter as far as sales go. I thought this Saw-whet Owl would sell fast, it did'nt.
I decided to 'Batemanize' this one by softening it with a little extra atmosphere, (pale gray wash).  I also made minor alterations here and there. This painting looks good to me. 'Sittin Pretty', 11x14".
Saw-whet Owls are adorable. Although I have heard them call many times, I have only seen one.
I made no changes on this Osprey, 16x12".
There were also no changes made to this Keel-billed Toucan, 12x16".
What will I paint next? I have no idea.

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