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Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Solitary Day

Today is another wasted Saturday where I should be doing something fun but I'm sitting around the house instead. I am even skipping a big BBQ that I was invited to. Sometimes it's just too much trouble to be sociable. I had a bowl of soup for lunch instead of the abundance of good food that I could have gotten at the BBQ.
Anyway I managed to finish, (tentatively) the Solitary Sandpiper painting that I have been working on. Not my best work; not by a long shot.
If you compare this post with the last post, you can see the many refinements that I made on the painting.
The painting is 11x14", and called, A Solitary Day.
I will fill up the rest of this post with photos of some paintings that were recently returned by an art gallery because they did not sell. I have been looking at these paintings with a critical eye to see if there is something I could do to make these paintings look better.
This Snowy Owl painting is 11x14". The only real improvement that I could make would be to either make the foreground grasses taller, or remove them altogether. I will think about it some more.
A 14x11" painting of, Black-headed Parrots. The original painting actually has a darker background color than the photo indicates. There are many changes that I can make, but I question whether any of them will actually improve the painting. Tropical subjects are not popular compared to more familiar North American wildlife. That is too bad. I would love to paint more tropical scenes.
Traditionally, Elk have always been one the most popular of subject matter. I have sold many Elk paintings that were far worse than this. I just need to make some structural changes to the Elk's body. This painting is, 16x20", called Thick Timber Elk.
This painting is my favorite of the bunch. I cannot see anything wrong with it. Cool Cat, 16x20". If I do anything to it, I will add more moss encrusted branches in the foreground.
Now I am getting ready to depart for my big Summer adventure. If everything goes according to plan, my next few posts ought to be more interesting than normal.

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