Untamed Land

Untamed Land
Untamed Land

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Solitary Progress

If you remember my last blog post, this is where I left off from the painting that I am currently working on; even if it is at a near geological pace.
This Short-billed Dowitcher is one of the main sources of inspiration for the painting. I like the setting and the lighting of it.
The pose of the Solitary Sandpiper in the painting is based upon this photo.
Here is as I have gotten on it so far. As you can see, this painting still requires a great deal of refinement and definition. Both on the bird and in the grasses. But at least it looks like something now.
 For one thing, the bird's eye needs to be bigger and the barring of the bird's pattern needs to be enhanced. I am not discouraged; I believe that I have overcome the biggest obstacles that I am likely to encounter with this painting. There are many flourishes that I still want to add to the composition, especially in the foreground.
A detail photograph. There are many other things going on in my life this Summer so it might take me awhile to finish this painting.
 I have sold many paintings lately and I am lagging way behind in my efforts to rebuild my inventory. This has been a good Summer so far. Even the weather has been exceptional.


Jeremy Pearse said...

The sandpiper is looking great so far, and I hope to see it finished soon. Like you, I love waders too but for some reason, seldom finish any paintings of them. Also, congratulations on your recent sales - always an incentive to keep on painting!

john said...

Thank you for your comment Jeremy. I just finished the painting this afternoon. I will try to post it this Saturday. I also just checked out your blog with the 9x12" painting with the horizontal clouds. Another superb result.